Meeting 126 (1 Apr 2021)

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Balanced functions in C++

C++ Performance Trap #1: Constant-size std::vector

See also

C++ Performance Trap #2: Unnecessary std::function

Inlining and Compiler Optimizations

Library: Cli

A cross-platform header only C++14 library for interactive command line interfaces (Cisco style).

Introduction to Lua in C++ with Sol2

Book erratum: Professional C++ by Marc Gregoire

Statements of the form return object; trigger return value optimization (RVO) if object is a local variable, a parameter to the function, or a temporary value. Furthermore, if object is a local variable, named return value optimization (NRVO) can kick in.

The bold part is wrong.

Free Windows 10 development virtual machines for HyperV, Parallels, VirtualBox, and VMWare

Tool: Doxygen Awesome

Tool: hdoc is now open source

C++ Blog Roll

Library: ConcurrentDeque and Thiefpool (C++20)

Library: Alia - A Library for Interactive Applications

constexpr Dynamic Memory Allocation, C++20

Algorithm Selection