Meeting 124 (4 Mar 2021)

Library: VirtualMultiArray

Multi graphics card based C++ virtual array implementation that uses OpenCL just for the data transfers on PCIe bridge.

Library: Reference Views

rviews (reference views) is a header-only C++17 library that allows viewing an STL container via another STL container with lvalue semantics. E.g. you could view a list as it would be a vector, or even as it would be a map, or even both.

1std::list<char> data{'a', 'b', 'c'};
2vector_view view{data};
3std::cout << view[0] << std::endl; // a
4std::cout << view[1] << std::endl; // b
5std::cout << view[2] << std::endl; // c

Library: Asio-chan

This library provides golang-inspired channel types to be used with ASIO awaitable coroutines. Channels allow bidirectional message passing and synchronization between coroutines.

Moving Faster: Everyday Efficiency in Modern C++


Why no standard library support for command line parsing?

1std::vector<std::string_view> args(argv, argv+argc);

Number Parsing at a Gigabyte per Second

std::jthread and cooperative cancellation with stop token

Time Travel Debugging for C/C++

Abbreviated Function Templates and Constrained Auto

Library: C++20 container concepts

This library aims to provide general purpose concepts that are not available in the C++20 concepts library, most notably container concepts.

Coderrect Scanner

A fast static analysis tool for detecting race conditions in C++ code. Supports pthreads, std::thread, OpenMP, and more.

Library: Fixed math (header-only, MIT)

Scientific computing in C++


Documenting C++ code

CMake and the Future of C++ Package Management

Motivating examples of coroutines