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1meta::info r1 = ˆint;  // reflects the type-id int
2meta::info r2 = ˆx;    // reflects the id-expression x
3meta::info r2 = ˆf(x); // reflects the call f(x)

F´: A Flight-Proven, Multi-Platform, Open-Source Flight Software Framework

Fprime runs on Ingenuity Mars helicopter – Wikipedia

When to use this to refer to a class member?

Top five C/C++ things/tips/tricks you wish you had known earlier and are now used very often

Quite a few useful suggestions in the thread.

Portability: should we stop using int?

Build2: Complete C++20 Modules Support with GCC

build2 now provides conforming and scalable support for all the major C++20 Modules features when used with GCC. This includes named modules, module partitions (both interface and implementation), header unit importation, and include translation.

Clang support is coming soon.

Meson Build 0.57.0


  • Experimental support for C++ modules in Visual Studio
  • meson test only rebuilds test dependencies
  • Support added for LLVM’s thinLTO

Boosting Productivity and Performance with the NVIDIA CUDA 11.2 C++ Compiler

All useful stuff for machine learning is written for cuda, so everyone is forced to buy Nvidia. Been waiting for opencl pytorch backend for years, but it just seems like nobody really has a reason to do it. #

Anonymous types in C++

1constexpr auto simplify(struct_(int numerator, denominator;) ratio)
2    -> decltype(ratio)
4    int gcd = std::gcd(ratio.numerator, ratio.denominator);
5    return { ratio.numerator / gcd, ratio.denominator / gcd };

Hot reloading C++ for rapid development with the help of fungos/cr

Library: Conceptual

A C++20 library adapting preexisting type_traits into concepts, as well as improving upon the preexisting standard ones with better subsumption.

C++ Memory Safety