Meeting 122 (18 Feb 2021)

“Why C and C++ are Awful Programming Languages”

What (relatively) easy to implement features would you like to see in C++23?

Possibility of adding operators to handle nullptr easier ("??", “?->”)

Purely academic purposes Compile-time Turing Machine in C++20


“Why is C++ so terrible when it comes to date/time manipulation?”

Spoiler: it isn’t

Is Zero a Butterfly?

Polymorphism Decision Table

Infix Function Calls with Boost HOF


1const bool b = isPrefixOf(prefix, text);


1const bool b = prefix <isPrefixOf> text;

YAVE: Functional reactive visual programming language written in C++20

Adding elements to arrays and changing variables during compilation – imperative meta-metaprogramming in C++

Data-Oriented Design and Avoiding the C++ Object-Oriented Programming Zimmer Frame

std::optional and other useful types

Variants suck. But you can get good performance with esoteric tricks. And even if you don’t use them well, they’ll still be faster than virtual inheritance

With std::variant, you choose either performance or sanity

MSVC build performance

The most thoroughly commented linker script (probably)

How can I write a C++ class that iterates over its base classes?

Template specialization and instantiation