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September 2020 mailing

September 2020 mailing

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Bjarne Stroustrup on “dead bodies of type theorists”


I can’t produce a link off the top of my head, but I remember Bjarne Stroustrup saying (on a few occasions, in a talk or a panel) that “non-type template parameters were introduced in C++ over the dead bodies of some type theorists” (quote from memory). This surprises me since types depending on values is a fundamental concept in Martin-Löf type theory which is older than C++. Does anyone have any knowledge on what feedback Bjarne Stroustrup received from type theorists?

Clang 11 released

New C++ features in GCC 10

RedHat :: Reddit

  • Concepts
  • Coroutines
  • Unevaluated inline-assembly in constexpr functions
  • Warning on deprecated comma expression in array subscript expressions
  • Static structured bindings
  • constinit
  • Deprecated volatile
  • Conversions to arrays of unknown bound
  • constexpr new and dynamic_cast
  • The [[nodiscard]] attribute now supports an optional argument
  • CTAD extensions
  • Parenthesized initialization of aggregates
  • Modules are not yet supported, aiming for GCC 11

Do you enforce Core Guidelines and/or use the Guidelines Support Library (GSL)?



The Little Things: Speeding up C++ compilation

Article by Martin Hořeňovský


  • Include less
  • Forward declarations (hmmmGD)
  • Explicit outlining
  • Hidden friends
  • Link less
  • Extern template
  • Modules (not mentioned…GD)


std::list::sort() vs. std::sort()


Scott Meyers, Effective STL:

Item 44: Prefer member functions to algorithms with the same name.

COVID-19 Public Service Announcement