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Bjarne Stroustrup interviews

Thirty Years C++. Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup:

Education is important, but not everyone who wants to write software needs the same education.

Ask Me Anything with Bjarne Stroustrup, hosted by John Regehr

C++ Russia — Interview and Q&A with Bjarne Stroustrup

Initial Support For C++20 Ranges in Visual Studio 2019 V16.6

eCAL - enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer

spdlog V1.7.0

How To Add A GUI To A C++ Program

std::polymorphic_value + Duck Typing = Type Erasure, by Jonathan Müller

Runtime Polymorphism with std::variant and std::visit

C++ Lambdas, Threads, std::async and Parallel Algorithms

The Darkest Pipeline - Multithreaded pipelines for modern C++

Testing a Modern C++ workflow by coding a base85 decoder from scratch

An Introduction to Parallel Computing in C++ (2016)

The goal of these notes is to introduce the reader to the following.

  1. Parallel computing in imperative programming languages and C++ in particular, and
  2. Real-world performance and efficiency concerns in writing parallel software and techniques for dealing with them.

5 Curious C++ Lambda Examples

Lambda Lambda Lambda

A C++14 Lambda Library


1int count_even(int const * first, int const * last)
3  return std::count_if(first, last, [](int x) {
4    return x % 2 == 0;
5  });


1int count_even( int const * first, int const * last )
3  return std::count_if(first, last, _1 % 2 == 0);

The importance of choosing the right data type