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1std::cout << std::format("Hello, {}!", name);


1std::print("Hello, {}!", name);

Best online data structures/algorithms C++ courses

C++ is brilliant

The “difficult” part of C++

C++ is kind of like quantum physics: the more you understand it the less you understand it. #

In a hypothetical situation, backwards compatibility is no longer an issue in C++. What would you change about the core language or the standard library?

C++ is too slow to compile


Microsoft: Rust Is the Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ at Safe Systems Programming

Rust is a great language. Like C++, it trusts the programmer, and like Java, it doesn’t trust the programmer. #

C++11 Guide: A Practical Guide for the Everyday Programmer

C++11 posted on June 14, 2020?

Illustrative Boost 1.73 epoch report

Hiding C++ template parameter packs in a tuple

std::chrono cheatsheet

Modern C++ Template

A template for modern C++ projects using CMake, clang-format and unit testing

Quick reference of C++ value categories

Cefal: library of functional typeclasses using C++20 concepts


Modern C++ Parallel Task Programming

Library: NameOf

  • GitHub (C++17, header-only, MIT)

C++ based Rest web server for large scale production environment

C++ STL by Example


Colin Yates @yatesco:

The biggest lie in Software Engineering is that it is about computers and not people.