Meeting 15 August 2019

Cologne Trip Report

Remember the Vasa! or, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Ben Deane

C++ is growing. Change can be daunting, but I think we’re going to be fine. And when one day a specific little hammer is just the right tool for the task at hand, I’ll be thankful that someone added that hammer to my toolbox.

Fixing C++ with epochs

Vittorio Romeo

The goal of this blog post is to convince you that we need an equivalent of Rust Editions in C++, and that it is possible and a good idea.

Should not exceptions be finally deprecated?

I have been programming in C++ for a long time, but I still do not understand how to use exceptions.

A C++ acronym glossary

Seemingly erroneous (appearing Constrained by conflicting generic parameters), but Actually works with the Right implementation (unconstrained bY the conflict due to minimized dependencies). From

Productivity Improvements for Visual C++

Visual Studio Blog

  • New Default Semantic Colorization
  • Template Argument Filtering in Call Stack Window
  • IntelliCode On-By-Default

Free Book > Pro TBB

C++ Parallel Programming with Threading Building Blocks

Stop using out arguments

Sean Parent:



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