Meeting 18 July 2019

Draft FAQ: Why does the C++ standard ship every three years?

There are two basic release target choices: Pick the features, or pick the release time, and whichever you pick means relinquishing control over determining the other. It is not possible to control both at once.

C++20 has a lot of major features. Three of the biggest all start with the letters “co” (concepts, contracts, coroutines) so perhaps we could call it co_cpp20.

Execution Pane in Compiler Explorer

If you're just writing a spot of code and don't want to be distracted by the assembly output, or if you want a little more control over how your code is executed on Compiler Explorer, the Execution pane is for you!

Go-like error handling in C++

It looks like you invented something similar to std::expected.

Better Ways to Test with doctest – the Fastest C++ Unit Testing Framework