Meeting 6 December 2018

San Diego trip reports

CppCon 2018: Mark Elendt “Patterns and Techniques Used in the Houdini 3D Graphics Application”

Package management is hard, let’s mine some Bitcoin


Who is STL? I mean the person, not the library


Hey. I’m Stephan T. Lavavej (“Steh-fin Lah-wah-wade”), and I’ve worked on MSVC’s STL since 2007. I’ve also worked on several Standard proposals that were accepted (notably the transparent operator functors). I filmed a bunch of videos for MS’s Channel 9 years ago, introducing various Core Language and Standard Library topics, and I’ve given talks at C++Now (formerly BoostCon) and CppCon which have been recorded.

Real world problems with #pragma once?



Corentin Jabot:

Pragma once leads to UB if part of the sources are visible from several included paths which are hardlink of each others.

Good. If you do that, you deserve to suffer!

Pointer-to-member-functions can be tricky

Prepare thy Pitchforks: A De-facto Standard Project Layout

Reimplementing NumPy in C++

Other linear algebra libraries

Visual C++ Team Blog - std::any: How, when, and why


When you need to store an object of an arbitrary type, pull std::any out of your toolbox. Be aware that there are probably more appropriate tools available when you do know something about the type to be stored.

C++ Best Practices, by Jason Turner



Andrey Mokhov (@andreymokhov) via Twitter:

Inside every large program there is a small build system struggling to get out.