Meeting 26 July 2018

C++ Builder Community Edition

CMake 3.12.0

MSVC Preprocessor Progress towards Conformance

2D Graphics TS at BSI

Four Habit-Forming Tips to Faster C++

Post by KDAB

  1. Make use of the (named-) return-value optimisation (YES)
  2. Return parameters by value whenever possible (YES)
  3. Cache member-variables and reference-parameters (NO/MAYBE)
  4. Organize your member variables intelligently (YES)


This paper proposes a web_view facility for the C++ standard library. This facility enables modern, natural, multimodal user interaction by leveraging existing web standards and technologies.

Full C++17 Filesystem Library Guide

Part of the book C++17 – The Complete Guide by Nicolai Josuttis (Draft available now)

Using C++17 std::optional

Modern C++ Features – std::variant and std::visit

In-Place Construction for std::any, std::variant and std::optional

C-Rez: A small tool to generate C arrays of data from a list of input files

Book: The Modern C++ Challenge

Everything You Need to Know About std::any from C++17

C++17: std::string_view

Coding Guideline: Avoid const member variables

Phil Nash advocates using const member variables and builder pattern.

(To be continued…)



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