Meeting 17 May 2018

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7

Diet Graphics

The proposed programmatic 2D drawing library is not a good fit for C++.

Macros and modules

Reddit: Really think that the macro story in Modules is doing more harm than good

Modules and macros: a reasonable compromise (?)

What modules actually provide

C++ Modules and Large-Scale Development - John Lakos, ACCU 2018

  • Bloomberg doesn’t allow free functions (?!)

Must-watch C++ talks

Runtime Compiled C & C++ Solutions


Boost.Text: What a C++ standard Unicode library might look like

C++ is one of a select few major languages with no built-in support for Unicode. If nothing else, this is an embarassment that should be remedied.

Transwarp 1.3.0

Transwarp is a header-only C++ library for task concurrency. It enables you to free your functors from explicit threads and transparently manage dependencies. Under the hood, a directed acyclic graph is built that allows for efficient traversal and type-safe dependencies. Use transwarp if you want to model your dependent operations in a graph of tasks and intend to invoke the graph more than once.

C++ Committee Pre-Rappersvil mailing

P0709: Zero-overhead deterministic exceptions