Meeting 12 April 2018

Post-Jacksonville Standard Committee Documents



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Announcing Meeting C++ 2018

  • Announcement
  • When: 15th–17th November
  • Where: Andels Hotel Berlin
  • 4 Tracks: ~30+ Talks about C++
  • 3 Keynotes:
    • Andrei Alexandrescu
    • Lisa Lippincott
    • Nicolai Josuttis

Björn Fahller - Type Safe C++? LOL! :-)


1enum class Apple{};
2enum class Orange{};
4Orange o{4};
5Apple a{3};
6Apple x{o}; // Oops

Outcome 2.1 progress report

East end functions, by Phil Nash

1auto doesItBlend() -> bool;
2auto whatsYourFavouriteNumber() -> int;
3auto add(double a, double b) -> double;
4void setTheControls();

Why = means assignment?

integer algol_x; algol_x := 5;

cpl_by_value = 5;
cpl_by_reference ~= 5;
cpl_by_subst ≡ 5;

apl x ← 5

ALGOL -> CPL -> BCPL -> B -> C

IsCool Entertainment’s General Purpose C++ Library

IsCool Core is a collection of general purpose C++ libraries developed at IsCool Entertainment. This code is used intensively in Bazoo, Garden of words (iOS, Android) and Bouquet of Words (iOS, Android).

SG13 (2D Graphics): why it failed

  • Reddit
  • Jeremy Ong feedback post
    • “The parts that are hard but critical (window surface, choice of driver backend, input) are vastly underspecified.”

Proposed standard low level file i/o library for C++20

Live++ – C and C++ live coding

  • Product page
    • Windows only, programs must be built with MSVC, 32 or 64 bit
    • 30 day trial, then EUR 119 (ind.) or EUR 199 (business) per year

Live++ enables live coding (hot-reload) for C/C++ applications, combining the power of rapid iteration with the speed of a compiled language. Live++ compiles your changes in the background, directly patching the machine code of the running executable(s). It links against existing code and data symbols, automatically persisting the state of global symbols, function static variables, and the like. It works with any kind of C/C++ code and requires neither plug-ins nor a debugger or IDE.

A C++ implementation of a memory efficient hash map and hash set

Type.Erasure - C++17 run-time polymorphism library

There is much more to std::for_each than meets the eye, by Ivan Čukić

1for (item : items) {
2    // do something
5for_each(items, [](item) {
6    // do something

optional<T> in a possible C++20 future

Reflection in C++ Part 1: The Present


5 Reasons NOT to Use std::ostream for Human-Readable Output


  • i18n
  • multithreading
  • sticky flags
  • readability
  • {fmt} is much better

CryptoPP 7.0 released

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