Meeting 6 July 2017

CLion 2017.1 + MSVC

  • Experimental support for MSVC toolchain
  • Debugging not supported yet

CATCH survey

C++17 STL Cookbook

MinGW by STL

by Stephan T. Lavavej of Microsoft’s STL fame

“Steh-fin Lah-wah-wade”


  • RHEL7 and earlier: GCC uses old C++98 copy-on-write strings (no SSO)
  • even in C++11 and C++14 mode (non-compliant behaviour)
  • RHEL8 will have C++11 SSO strings

GCC 6.4 released

Release Notes

  • bugfix release – fixes regressions in GCC 6.3

Generics in Go?



C++London: The Badlands of C++ (game development) by Valentin Galea

  • MSVC is prevalent
  • Huge amounts of legacy code using C++98
  • Mostly proprietary code, sometimes really ugly
  • Process- and deadline-driven, no clean-up exercises (“ship it!”)
  • Warnings are just fine (ignored)
  • Low-latency specifics
    • no exceptions
    • minimize allocations
    • special container versions (EASTL)
  • garbage collection for dynamic objects (Lua)
  • Splash Damage Tech Blog

C++London: practical uses of reflection in C++

Jackie Kay

  • a shorter version of the talk at C++Now 2017
  • serialization
  • program options
  • addition: metaclasses

Declaration style

Style 1

1const char *foo = "Foo"; // * and & bind to the right

Style 2

1const char* foo = "Foo"; // the type is 'pointer to const char'

Style 3

1char const *foo = "Foo"; // declaration reads from right to left

MS C++ 7 on eBay


  • original box, still sealed!
  • MFC, no templates
  • Windows 3.1 SDK
  • overlays for extended memory/swapping
  • OLE, DDE
  • CodeView debugger
  • over 5000 pages of manuals!

A New C++ YouTube Channel

Abhisekh Gupta teaches C++ (dead link)

  • uses Turbo C++ within DosBox within Windows 10
  • why?
  • what (if anything) should we tell him?